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Apologies and Anomalies

First of all to my readers, I apologize – I’m having some trouble adding the fantastic new footage of Buttermilk fissures to the main ButtermilkIsAlive website. Word to the wise, if you’re looking to have some internet work done,  keep on looking when you come across Rocky Mountain Graphic Design Co. They are very affordable but thats about it.

Second, I’ve been getting a bunch of feedback about the new footage I’ve posted and how too many people agree that the mountain “mouth” is supernatural, not scientific. I would remind my readers that such mass scale phenomena has happened in the past and is always misconstrued. One such great example is the legend of the Devil of Devonshire. Check this link to learn a bit more about it, and see how the misinterpretations of Buttermilk incidents are just part of a long legacy of the common masses calling turning Anomaly into Legend.


When the forum gets rowdy

I get attachments like this rustys84pic.jpg along with absurd emails like the one below:
from: R$73 Hu9hz <>
date: Jan 3, 2008 5:11 AM

You allow your readers to attack me?!?!?!?!:-P
and mock my journal

**>?ButterJim wants 2 feel
ur Wrath – {[but mayB lt hm B {?} he iz 1n3xp3r13nc3d!!!!!]}

I M not the average kommenter
I M a beacon of truth in the chaos that is every moment of every particle of every last
wannabee belieiver out there -the MOUNTAIN spoke SINCE //84
***I M R$73 TRUTH SEER**-
YOU are ButterJim deceived ButterJim YOU are lost
YOU are a loop of yourself
Butttermilk is NOT science [[1t 1s th3 f0urth p1ll4r 1n 4 f0und4t10n 0f 3n3rgy 4nd 3cst4sy]]
Tjere is No SCI3NCE to pure energy CrazuJim!!!

                /----|       .         .
  .            /     :   .        .
         ______|---- _|__    .        .
..     _--    --\_<\_//   \-----
     _  _--___   \__/     ___  -----_ **
*  _- _-      --_         /  : ----__  --
*/__-      .    :           _:  *** --_
  :*/ .          __:/-----__/   :**     :
        .     /--  /            /
     .        /   /   /:----___/        .
             /   /*:  |   /==/
  .         /   /==:   |/==/      .
          _/   /=/ | _ |=/   .
         /_   //  / _ _//              .
 .       : '//    |__//    .    .
        /==/  .  /==/                .
      /==/     /==/
    /==/     /==/       .       .    .
 _/==/    _/==/            .
 :|*      :|*            BUTTERMILK IS ALIVE 84EVR

I think this Buttermilk-zealot is referring to a harsh comment made by “Nick” on December 23. Here in the forum, why don’t we spare ourselves from postings like this by keeping the comments non-personal and constructive? A part of me is exceedingly irritated by misguided myth-makers like this, and part of me feels like this young man is a rare breed, one sandwich shy of a picnic. How long must it have taken him to make skier? And he has the nerve to call me crazy.

Well Rusty, I’ll let my readers judge for themselves who the crazy one is.

more activity

This morning I witnessed an amazing sunrise on the mountain which inspired me for the day. There were more people out earlier than before. I am hopeful that as a counter balance to all the noise and activity, more kids will come out on the mountain on their own and breathe in the air and have a private experience on Buttermilk.



Any members in need of a particular post with the date should email me directly – I have a printout archive of all posting since the forum’s inception and would be happy to track it down for you.