Do you believe in magic?

Personally, I do not. I believe every mystery has an explanation, some explanations we as are prepared to accept and others were are not.

Apparently, I have some new readers who agree with me because they are challenging the tabloids, and asking “what actually goes on at Buttermilk?” The truth is, the kind of phenomena that happen on Buttermilk and are routinely mis-categorized as “extraterrestrial” or “magical”. To address comments from theseekerof77 and TranierBoy specifically, throughout the years there have been several reported disappearances, strange noises (similar to the Taos Hum) and unusual light displays (similar to the northern lights) at Buttermilk mountain. Although I cannot explain all of these phenomena, I am CONFIDENT that the mountain is just a geological anomaly – not an alien, and further scientific explanation will bring the truth – not the myth – to light.


1 Response to “Do you believe in magic?”

  1. 1 drjimvaile December 15, 2007 at 6:58 pm

    To the seekerof77…if you’re interested in the Cenozoic Uplift (which partly explains Buttermilk’s unusual circumstance) then you should visit this page on the Colorado University website:

    it does a good job of explaining the central issue.

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